Broadband Service

What does high-speed broadband do?

  • For Education: Distance learning, video conferencing, high-technology applications for research and development, visualization and simulation.
  • For Health Care: Telemedicine, transmission of large files like MRI and X-rays, Emergency Medical Record (EMR), patient monitoring.
  • For Energy: Smart metering, distributed generation, communications network, Distributed Automation (DA) to integrate renewable energy sources and distribution.
  • For Public Safety: Cyber security, Radio over Fiber (RoF) for remote areas, enhanced security and reliability for communications, video streaming and video conferencing, regional interoperability.
  • For Economic Development: Videoconferencing, ability to transmit large files for all businesses and for digital media, film, high technology and renewable energy industries.
  • For Everyone: Faster, more reliable, less expensive broadband.


Community Institutions

REDI Net provides fast, reliable and affordable broadband to community institutions like schools, libraries, hospitals, public utilities and government offices.If you are interested in obtaining service, please email us. We will contact you to discuss our tiers and pricing.



Business CustomersĀ 

REDI Net partners with last mile providers to offer service to business parks, large employers and small businesses.



Residential Customers

REDI Net partners with several last mile providers to offer service to homes and small businesses.


Northern New Mexico's Community Broadband Network