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What is REDI Net?

REDI Net is a high-speed, open access, community broadband network located in Northern New Mexico.  It is owned and operated by a consortium of local and tribal governments through the North Central New Mexico Economic Development District.

REDI Net has its roots in the 2008 regional economic development effort called REDI, which stands for Northern New Mexico Regional Economic Development Initiative. REDI identified high-speed broadband as the region’s number one infrastructure priority, resulting in an application for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding.

In August 2010, NCNMEDD received $10.6 million from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to build REDI Net. Construction of the network began in June 2011 and will be completed at the end 2012.

What is community broadband?

Community broadband is owned and operated like other public infrastructure such as streets and water systems, rather than by a private corporation. REDI Net is owned and operated by a consortium of local and tribal governments in Northern New Mexico. All profits are reinvested to operate, maintain and expand our network. This structure allows us to offer very affordable rates to community institutions and last mile providers.

What is an open access network?

Open access networks allow multiple service providers to offer their services to customers. For example, rather than having one choice for internet service, REDI Net will allow several service providers to compete for your businesses. This healthy competition results in lower prices and better service for customers.

What is a middle-mile network?

A middle-mile network is the network backbone, similar to the interstate highway system that connects smaller roads. A middle-mile network offers services to large users of broadband that require a dedicated connection such as one or more T-1 lines. As a middle-mile network, REDI Net provides broadband to community institutions like schools, libraries, hospitals, utilities and government offices, and to last mile providers that resell the broadband to residential and small business customers.

What type of technology does REDI Net use?

REDI Net utilizes 100% fiber optic technology and industry standards-based Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP).

What types of speeds does REDI Net offer?

REDI Net is based upon Gigabit Ethernet architecture, providing 1 Gigabit per Second (Gbps) network interfaces to each Community Institution and Service Provider partner, while delivering 10 Gbps trunks between our main Points of Presence (POPs). Wholesale Internet bandwidth will initially be available in tiers of service, from 5 Megabits per Second (Mbps) to 100 Mbps.

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